This picture is of Norm Provan and Arthur Summons. It was taken after the 1963 Grand Final between St.George and Wests.
Final Score : St.George 8 def Wests 3

Rugby League History

Results History
Results, Tables, Crowds, Representative Games, Finals, Player Movements & Retirements for previous years.

Representative History
State of Origin, Test Matches and
QLD v NSW for previous years.

RulesRules of Rugby League

Rule Changes over Time
2001 Rules
2004 Rule Changes
2007 Rule Changes
2008 Rule Changes
2009 Rule Changes

Drug in League
Drugs in League
A sequence of events regarding the drug scandal in Rugby League

Origins of Rugby League
The Game of Rugby League was born on 29th August,1895.

NRL Club History Timeline
When they joined & left the comp
2001 Clubs & Teams

Rugby League CEOs
Some of the men who have shaped Rugby League in Australia since 1908.

2007 NRL Player Drain to UK
There are over 80 ex-NRL players playing the UK Super League with more heading that way in 2008. Here is a list of NRL players currently playing and planning to play the game in the UK.

NRL Team Emblem History

When they joined & left the comp

NRL Club History Timeline
When they joined & left the comp

Includes the various Gold Coast Rugby League teams

The Rugby League Ball

Golden Point Matches Dragons "Legends Walk" is located OKI Jubilee Stadium, Park St. was officially opened on March 6, 2004.  
World Cup
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World Cup
2000 | 2008 | History

2008 World Cup

World Cup History
The Rugby League World Cup, contested by the world's Test playing nations, was inaugurated in 1954.


Rugby League Records

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(since 1908)


           Premiership Trophies
Royal Agricultural Challenge Shield (1908-13)
Hugh D. McIntosh Shield (1914-17)
Truth & Sportsmanship Cup (1918-33)
Labor Daily Cup (1934-50)
J J Giltinan Shield (1961-96)
WD & HO Wills Cup (1960-81)
Winfield Cup (1982-96)
A.R.L. Optus Cup (1997)
Super League Telstra Cup (1997)
N.R.L. Telstra Cup (1998-2012)

Grand Finals & Runners Up
 Includes Captains, Coaches, Referees (since 1954)

Finals Appearances

Which team has made the finals the most?
Finals appearances ranked since 1954.

Wooden Spooners
The 'awarding' of the 'wooden spoon' to the last place team in football competitions originated back in the 19th century.

2001_telstra.jpg (5181 bytes)Premierships
(since 1908)
Grand Finals & Runners Up
 Includes Captains, Coaches, Referees (since 1954)

Finals Systems History & The McIntyre Final 8 System
is a playoff system of the top 8 finishers in a competition to determine which two teams will play in the Grand Final.

Grand Final Records
 Includes Consecutive Wins, Margins & Crowds

Minor Premierships
The minor premiership & J.J Giltinan Shield is awarded to the team with the most competition points at the end of the regular season.

Rugby League Awards
Clive Churchill Medals
This medal is presented to the man-of-the-match in the yearly Rugby League Grand Final.
The Golden Boot Award
This is presented to the International Rugby League player of the year and is one of the most prestigious individual awards in the game.
Rugby League Hall of Fame
The Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame honours players who have shown exceptional skills at rugby league. It is selected by the a Rugby League College......

Rugby League's Immortals
The Immortals are selected from players in the post-war era by Rugby League Week Magazine

Dally-M Medal is given to the best and fairest player in the competition for that year

Dally M MedalDally-M Awards
2000 | 2001 | 2002
2004 | 2005 | 2006

2007 | 2008

Provan-Summons MedalProvan-Summons Medal is given to the fan's choice for best player of the season.

Rothmans Medal is given to the best player of the season as voted by referees (1968-96).

Rugby League Team of the Decade

The greatest players from each decade.
'50s    '60s    '70s    '80s    '90s

Rugby League Statues
Permanent tributes to great players of the past.

Team of the.....Summary
TEAM of the Century
NSW Team of the Century
QLD Team of the Century
COUNTRY Team of the Century
Indigenous Team of the Century
NSW Police Team of the Century
Aust. Schoolboys
Team of the Century
Top 100 Players of the Century

Special Matches

ANZAC Day Clash

Traditional ANZAC day clash played between the Dragons and the Roosters.

Steve Rogers Trophy

Reconciliation Cup
Round 11 : 25-28 May 2007
Friday, 25 May
Cowboys 26 def Bulldogs 16
Telstra Stadium, 7:30PM

Bandaged Bear Cup
Round 21 : 3-6 August 2007
Friday, 3 August
Eels 34 def Bulldogs 22
Telstra Stadium, 7:30PM

City v Country History

          Annual Clashes
ANZAC Day Cup (2002-08) (Drag v Roos)
Steve Rogers Trophy (2006-08) (Sha v Eag)
Reconciliation Cup (2007-08) (Bul v Cow)
Bandaged Bear Cup (2007-08) (Eel v Bul)
1989 League Legend Cup (2008-) (Raid v Tig)
Michael Moore Trophy (2000-08) (Storm v War)
Jack Gibson Cup (2008-08) (Roos v Eels)
Ron Coote Cup (2007-08) (Roos v Rabs)
Emergency Services Cup (2009) (Drag v Storm)
Special Matches (Trials)

Amco, Tooth, KB, Panasonic Cup

World Club Challenge
The World Club Championship sees the Grand Final winners from Australian & UK competition meet to decide the best club team in the game.

2007 Charity Shield
Dragons 16 def Rabbitohs 14

Game Record Since 1982
Dragons - 14 wins
Rabbitohs - 7 wins
Draws -3

Charity Shield
Played for annually before the start of the season by St George and South Sydney, with all moneys raised going towards hospital funding in the South Sydney and St George areas.

Foundation Cup
The Sydney Roosters will open the 100th season against fellow foundation club Wests Tigers for the inaugural Foundation Cup.

Mercury Challenge
 2007-08 (Trial)

Player Movements & Signings

Rugby League
Centenary 2008

The Centenary of Rugby League celebrates 100 years of Rugby League in Australia.

2008 Toyota Cup
(U/20 Comp)

Rugby League History Archive


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Fatty on Coaching

A.R.L. v Super League War     
Reducing to 14 Teams in 2000

Open Letter from Tallis & Webcke (April 3 2001)

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