Grand Final Records

In 1954, Rugby League commenced the mandatory playing of a Grand Final at season end to determine the premiership.


Record # Name Team   Year
Most tries in a grand final 4 Johnny Graves Souths Rabbitohs 1951
Most goals in a grand final 8 Harry Bath St.George Dragons 1957
Most points in a grand final 16 Harry Bath
8 goals
St.George Dragons 1957
Most appearances by a player 10 Norm Provan St.George  
Brian Clay Newtown, St George  
Most appearances by a referee 7 Darcy Lawler
  1956-61, 1963
Most points in all grand finals 41 Eric Simms
16 goals, five field goals
Souths Rabbitohs 1956-61, 1963
Send offs





Bryan Orrock (Souths) and Hec Farrell (Wests)

Harry Bath (St George) and Rex Mossop (Manly)

Brian Wright (Easts) and Kevin Ryan (St George)

Billy Wilson (St George)

Phil Sigsworth (Canterbury)






Record # Team  
Most tries (team) 8 Newtown Jets (1943)
Souths Rabbitohs (1951)
Roosters (1975)
Sea Eagles (2008)
Most goals (team) 9 Souths Rabbitohs (1951)
Most points (team) 42 Souths Rabbitohs (1951)
Biggest winning margin 40-0 Sea Eagles def Storm (2008)
Drawn grand finals 9-9 Parramatta v St George (1977)
11-11 Manly v Cronulla (1978)
Lowest scoring grand final 4-2 Parramatta v Canterbury (1986)
Tryless grand final 4-2 Parramatta v Canterbury (1986)
Highest scoring grand final 42-14 Souths v Manly (1951)
Most consecutive wins (team) 11 St.George Dragons (1956-66)

Record # Team  
Club has won the Grand Final in all three grades 2 Balmain (1915 and 1916)
1 South Sydney (1925)
1 St George (1963)
Gone through a season undefeated 1 Balmain (1915)
1 North Sydney (1921)
1 South Sydney (1925)
2 Eastern Suburbs (1936 and 1937)
1 St George (1959)
Gone through a season without a win 2 Annandale (1918 and 1920)
3 University (1921, 1935 and 1937)
1 South Sydney (1946)
1 Eastern Suburbs (1966)

Greatest Grand Final
15th August 2000

The NRL has gathered some of the eminent authorities of the game in an attempt to settle one of rugby league's great arguments: What was the greatest Grand Final ever played?

Adjudged by a panel of three of the most revered commentators and historians in the sport, the answers are now in. The three judges Alan Clarkson, Peter Frilingos and David Middleton were asked to rate their top six grand finals since 1954. Each was required to attach a value of between one (for their best) and six for each of the stand out grand final clashes. The figures were collated by the NRL and the verdict is now in. The six greatest Grand Finals since 1954 in order are:

1. 1989 - Canberra 19 defeated Balmain 14
2. 1971 - South Sydney 16 defeated St George 10
3. 1993 - Brisbane 14 defeated St George 6
4. 1965 - St George 12 defeated South Sydney 8
5. 1997 - Newcastle 22 defeated Manly Warringah 16
6. 1981 - Parramatta 20 defeated Newtown 11

The three judges are all in a position to know. Alan Clarkson is probably rugby league's most respected journalist. He covered the game from the early fifties into the nineties and witnessed some of the great league clashes in the past. Now retired, Alan has seen every rugby league Grand Final in the last fifty years. Peter Frilingos is the chief rugby league columnist with the Daily Telegraph. He is the longest serving journalist analysing and commentating the game today. Peter has been a radio and television commentator as well as one of the most reverred scribes on the game over the last 25 years. David Middleton is rugby league's most respected historian and statistician. David is the oracle of rugby league - for years his vast knowledge of the history of the game has been sought by media organisations and the game's administrators alike.

It could be said that the three judges have settled the disputes once and for all. Or maybe they've just added some heat to the arguments in the lounge rooms and bar rooms around the land.

Consecutive Grand Final Wins (1954-current)
Between 1956 and 1966 St George won 11 consecutive premierships, a feat that has never been equaled in any top level competition in any football code.
In 1954, Rugby League commenced the mandatory playing of a Grand Final at season end to determine the premiership.


No. Games


 St George Dragons


1956 - 1966

 Parramatta Eels


1981 - 1983

 Brisbane Broncos


1997 - 1998

 Brisbane Broncos


1992 - 1993

 Canberra Raiders


1989 - 1990



1984 - 1985

Eastern Suburbs






 South Sydney



 South Sydney



 South Sydney