Dragons "Legends Walk"
The “Legends Walk” , located OKI Jubilee Stadium, Park St. was officially opened on March 6, 2004. This unique historic memorial recognises personal contributions to the success of the St George District Rugby League Football Club since its inception in 1921.

There are 16 Dragon legends already inducted into the “Legends Walk” including Norm Provan, Graeme Langlands MBE, Reg Gasnier AM, Johnny Raper MBE, Johnny King, Billy Smith, Ken Kearney, Matt McCoy, Noel Piddington, Rod Reddy, Kevin Ryan, Eddie Lumsden, Ian Walsh, Brian Clay, Craig Young and Mark Coyne. On  St George’s Day, April 23 2007, Robert Stone and Billy Wilson added to the Legends Walk.

Dragons Legends

Norm Provan
1951-65, 269 games
63t, 1g (191pts)

Graeme Langlands
1963-76, 227 games
86t, 648g (1554pts)

Reg Gasnier
1959-67, 125 games
127t, 20g (421pts)

John Raper
1959-69, 180 games
47t, 4g (149pts)

Johnny King
1960-71, 191 games
143t, 7g (443pts)

Billy Smith
1963-77, 233 games
30t, 3g, 44fg (161pts)

Ken Kearney
1952-61, 153 games
18t, 2g (58pts)

Matt McCoy
1948-52, 65 games
26t, 65g (208pts)

Noel Pidding
1947-53, 104 games
34t, 248g (598pts)

Rod Reddy
1972-83, 204 games
65t, 1 g (198pts)

Kevin Ryan
1960-66, 106 games
19t (57pts)

Eddie Lumsden
1957-66, 158 games
136t, 17g (442pts)

Ian Walsh
1962-67, 94 games
4t (12pts)

Brian Clay
1957-67, 183 games
33t (99pts)

Craig Young
1977-88, 234 games
11t, 2fg (42pts)

Mark Coyne
1989-1999, 222 games
61t (242pts)

Robert Stone
1975-85, 170 games
26t (81pts)

Billy Wilson
1948-62, 171 games
17t, 1g (53pts)