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Daz RL   2022 Footy Tipping Software


Rugby League Footy Tipping Software allows you to run a NRL Rugby League Footy Tipping competition for your home or office.

Footy Tipping Software has been developed & enhanced over many years with the aim to bring you a time-efficient, enjoyable and easy to use tipping program. Features :

  • Caters for up to 40 or 200 tipsters.

  • Head to head results of games for every game back to 1999

  • You can set the scoring rules for your tipping competition including allowance of bonus points to be applied for a perfect round

  • Use simple drop downs to select tips.

  • Shows the "most tipped" team.

  • Calculates an updated NRL premiership ladder with Home and Away percentages

  • Automatically calculates player round and ladder leaders

  • Option for "Last man standing" tipping.

  • Simple set of tipping competition rules

If it doesn't do what you want, email us. Happy tipping!

Version: 2022 Rev.01

* Updated for the revised 2022 draw

Date: 7 Jan 2022

License: Freeware

Microsoft Excel 2013

Filename: 2022Fty.zip

DownloadFile size: 1MB

Basic Instructions for a Footy Tipping Competition

  • Entry Cost $20

  • First Prize : 50% kitty, Second Prize : 30% kitty, Third Prize : 20% kitty

  • Tipping closes at 1 hour before the start of play of the first game of the round.

  • Tips may be changed at any time up to the close of the round in question

  • Tips cannot be changed once the tipping closes for a round.

  • If tips are not received by the close of the round, the tipper will be allocated all the Away teams for that round. Away teams are those set down in the format set down by the NRL before the start of the competition. If the venue of a match is changed, this will not affect the interpretation of the Away team. The Away teams are shown in the right hand column when making tips.

  • Tippers who register AFTER the start of the season will receive the AWAY tips for Round 1 and 2, and for all subsequent rounds prior to registration ZERO points will be awarded.

  • Two points are scored for a correct result

  • One point scored for an un-selected draw

  • Ten points scored for a selected draw

  • Two bonus points are scored for all tips in a round selected correctly

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