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Daz RL  2020 NRL Footy Tipping Predictor


This program uses game history & statistics to predict the winner of the NRL games. Rugby League tippers can use this program to help them in their home or office Footy Tipping competition.

As you continue to enter the scores throughout the year the predictor will improve. In previous years this program has had quite a good success rate.

  • Team Comparison - Allows you to compare the head to head statistics teams in each round.

  • View home, away, and overall winning/losing streaks.

  • Includes results of games for every game back to 1999

Version: 2020 Rev.01

Date: 1 Dec 2019

License: Freeware

Microsoft Excel 2013

Filename: 2020FootyPredictorV1.zip

File size: 881KB

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"Darryl's Tipping" or "Rugby League Footy Tipping Software"