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Welcome to the Darryl's Rugby League Page.
Darryl's Rugby League site first appeared on the World Wide Web on 18th February 1997. At that time it was one of the first Rugby League sites on the internet in a time when the Super League war was at its height and could be considered one of the "foundation clubs" of Rugby League on the internet.

The website was originally created during the Super League war to provide an unbiased coverage during the period which sadly ripped apart the game of Rugby League at the time. While many fans took sides or were lost during the war, we tried to do our small part in keeping fans interested in the Greatest Game of All - Rugby League

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Darryl's Rugby league celebrates 20 years in 2017 !

GeoCities began in mid-1995. In 1997 I joined as a "
Homesteader" and this site was located in the "Colosseum" (Sports and recreation) neighborhood at GeoCities. My old website address was :-

During that time there was over 500,000 visitors to the site.

On 26th October 2009 Geocities closed and an end of an era.
The site was moved to http://dazrl.awardspace.info



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We get email & hits from many people from all over the world. Here is a list of countries which have visited our site.

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1997 : 25,812 hits
1998 : 84,323 hits
1999 : 89,114 hits
2000 : 71,948 hits
2001 : 50,715 hits
2002 : 32,702 hits
2003 : 29,023 hits
2004 : 14,498 hits
2005 : 27,947 hits
2006 :  hits
2007 : 20,359 hits