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Darryl's Rugby League Page : Exhaustive resource on the Australian National Rugby League (NRL). Offers news, fixtures, and results for every NRL match of the season, including details on try scorers, goal kickers, crowd figures, and the referee. Also provides club statistics and records and the game's history. Includes material on rule changes, premierships (since 1908), Grand Finals (since 1954), and State of Origin matches (since 1980).

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Darryl's Rugby League Page - http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Field/8957
Although his is one of many fan sites, Darryl Bradford's Rugby League Page stands out from the crowd with an easy-to-use layout and loads of interesting links.

Edition: 104. (37th for 1999)

Website: Darryl's National Rugby League page
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Field/8957/index.htm

Darryl Bradford since the start of the 1997 has had one of the best, most comprehensive and unbiased NRL websites around. In 1997 Darryl was one of the few websites to take a neutral view to the ARL and SL competitions, reporting them both equally and has since continued on with a very strong website.

The main attributes to Darryl's website is his comprehensive crowd and premiership tables for the last three seasons. Also on the his website are the player movements for next season which already has the news of Ben Ikin as a Broncos signing updated and he also takes a look at the possible make up of the rationalised 2000 NRL premiership.

The site has built a strong culture over the past three years and is well worth reading for NRL information that is unique to other sites due Darryl's own hard work.

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DARRYL BRADFORD'S HOME PAGE (www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Field/8957/index.htm)
"Rugby league may be going through a horror patch, but it'll survive if the dedication shown by the Bradford family to the game is any indicator of wider community support. This site has won several awards, and for good reason. It's a one-stop league site, covering every aspect of the game.

Darryl, Wendy and Luke are a tolerant family. Darryl supports the St George-Illawarra Dragons and the Queensland state of origin side, Wendy supports the Parramatta Eels and NSW, while Luke supports the mighty Balmain Tigers and NSW. But they all like their footy – when they're not arguing."

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"Footy fans around Australia delight. The 1999 National Rugby League season kicks off in a big way this weekend. Emerging from a pre-season brouhaha of players testing positive to banned substances, public displays of appalling player behaviour and that controversial sensitive New Age ad with Thomas Kenneally, fans will be pleased to leave all that behind and relish in what the Game's all about – League's best squaring off against each other in some fast paced action under lights. This weekend is also special because it's the first time a match has been played at Stadium Australia, the Olympic Stadium out at Homebush. Sold out, the Stadium will have a capacity crowd of 110,000 to cheer on the NRL double header scheduled for tomorrow night. First up will be a rematch between last year's grand finalists, Manly and Newcastle and the second game for the evening sees the debut of newly merged St-George-Illawarra against Parramatta. If you missed out on a ticket or you just want a foretaste of tomorrow night's action, then visit Darryl's Rugby League Web site. With the motto "where too much rugby league is not nearly enough", this fan's site is billed as a complete guide to the game in Australia. You can get the season draw, find out which players will be on the field this weekend, peruse the history of the Game, find links to other League sites and check out the predictions on which teams will survive in the 21st century. Until the NRL gets its official site up and running this is the best Rugby League site you'll find on the Web"

Rugby League Coaching Magazine
January 1999 (http://www.rlcm.com.au)

"For fans this website contains every thing you need to know, it is a good starting point for Rugby League in Australia. 
Darryl is a tireless worker in keeping his site current current and up to date.

Easy to move around, some intersting sections, well worth the visit.

Call in spend some time having a look aroound, tell Darryl your comment, and give him a rating on the RUGBY LEAGUE REVIEW WEBSITE http://www.bronconet.com/reviews/ which can be activated from there."

Sydney Morning Herald
What the Sydney Morning Herald - ICON Magazine said about my page :-
"In-depth amateur page with excellent data and information, history, standings, results, links to all team pages and tips."
Saturday 20/06/1998

This site received a nomination for the

1999 Australian Internet Awards Sports Site of the Year.
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This site received a nomination for the

1998 Australian Internet Awards Sports Site of the Year.