What will it hold for Rugby League?

I have put together some team, coach and player movements for '98. Check out what is happening with YOUR team.

  • The three year old Rugby League war is over. Twenty teams will play in a united competion in 1998. The National Rugby League Company, jointly owned by the ARL and News Limited, will run the competition. In 1999 the number of clubs will still be 20 but in the year 2000 they will reduce to 14 with a min of 6 and max of 8 clubs in Sydney.
  • Each club will have a salary cap of $3 million.
  • Rugby League will be shown on both pay TV networks as well as free to air.
  • The name Super League will not be used.

Adelaide Rams

  • GAINS - Meti Noovao(Auckland), Noel Goldthorpe(Hunter), Tony Iro(Hunter), Darrien Doherty(Hunter), Matt Daylight(Perth), Peter Clarke(Sydney City)
  • RELEASED - Jason Donnelly, Cameron Blair, Soloman Kiri, Michael Maguire
  • LOSSES - Kevin Campion(Brisbane)
  • RETIRED - Kurt Wrigley
  • COACH - Rod Reddy, EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Michael O'Connor
  • JUMPER - In 1997 the Rams jumper was very similiar to Newcastle so in 1998 they will include more red and yellow in their jumper as well as blue to have the South Australian colours.
  • SPONSER - Clipsal


  • GAINS - Quentin Pongia(Canberra), Tyran Smith(Hunter/Cowboys), Kevin Iro(Hunter), Nigel Vagana(Warrington), Tony Tatupu(Warrington)
  • LOSSES - Meti Noovao(Adelaide), Grant Young(London), Dennis Betts(Wigan)
  • RETIRED - Phil Blake
  • COACH - Frank Endacott

  • GAINS - Dave Parker(Brisbane), Shannon Nevin(Manly), Brendan Magnus(Manly), Craig Halden(Manly), James Gannon(Newcastle), Ben Duckworth(Souths), Peter Howie(St George), Jacin Sinclair(Sydney City), Adam Doyle(Western Suburbs)
  • RELEASED - Steven Jolly, Craig Freer, Doug Braithwaite, Josh Bostock, Tim Patterson, Asa Milford, Scott McPherson, Stephen Bosse, Todd Batson, Mark Bevan, Scott Dunshea, Jamy Forbes
  • LOSSES - Glen Morrison(Norths), Tim Brasher(Souths)
  • RETIRED - Ellery Hanley, Gary Edwards, David Baysarri
  • COACH - Wayne Pearce


  • IN - Kevin Campion(Adelaide)
  • RE-SIGNED - Darren Lockyer(4 years), Shane Webcke(3 years)
  • LOSSES - Glenn Lazarus(Melbourne), Anthony Mundine(St George), Robert Simpson Res Gr.(St George), Wendell Sailor(Wigan in 1999)
  • COACH - Wayne Bennett


  • GAINS - Leslie Vainikolo(Auckland), Anthony Brann(Hunter/Balmain), Brandon Pearson(Sydney City)
  • LOSSES - Quentin Pongia(Auckland), David Palavi(Melbourne), Noa Nadruku(North Qld)
  • COACH - Mal Meninga
  • CAPTAINCY - Laurie Daley (Ricky Stuart has lost the Raiders captaincy)
  • NEW SPONSER - Oracle

  • GAINS - Troy Stone(Hunter), Greg Fleming(Perth)
  • RE-SIGNED - Matthew Ryan(3 years), Hazem El-Masri(2 years), Jason Hetherington, Barry Berrigan
  • LOSSES - Ben Roarty(Melbourne), Craig Smith(Melbourne), James Pickering(Sydney City), Kevin Schraader(South Africa Union), Hannes Ventor(South Africa Union), Michael Smith(Castleford), John Timu(London Broncos)
  • RETIRED - Ben Gillies
  • RELEASED - Damien Ford
  • COACH - Steve Folkes is the 1998 Canterbury coach. Terry Lamb will coach U/23's.


  • GAINS - Tim Madison(Hunter), Nick Zisti(St George), Gavin Thompson(St George)
  • RE-SIGNED - Les Davidson(1 year)
  • LOSSES - Tawera Nikau(Melbourne), Richard Barnett(Sydney City), Tiaan Straaus(Rugby Union)
  • COACH - John Lang

  • GAINS - Scott Conley(Newcastle), Chris Lawler(Parramatta), Troy Cambell(Parramatta), David Myles(South Qld), Phil Mooney(South Qld), Scott Thorburn(South Qld), Clinton O'Brian(South Qld), Heath Cruikshank(South Qld), Richie Allan(Sydney City), Danny McAllister(Sheffield), Rod Millot(Group 18)
  • RE-SIGNED - Wes Patten(2 years)
  • FOR SALE - Graham Mackay
  • LOSSES - Marcus Bai(Melbourne), Jeremy Scholoss(Souths), Brendan Hurst(Sydney City)
  • RETIRED - Martin Bella
  • COACH - Phil Ecomodies
  • NEW SPONSER - Home Timber and Hardware


  • GAINS - Tim Horan(Perth), Craig Wilson(South Qld), Craig Simon(Souths)
  • RE-SIGNED - Terry Lamey(1 year), Craig Fitzgibbon(2 years), Paul McGregor(2 years), hooker Dean Callaway(1 year), winger Wayne Clifford(1 year), backrower Adam Bristow(1 year), fullback Dean Moon(1 year), Trent Barret
  • RELEASED - Brent Stuart , Jonathan Britten, Darren Bradstreet, David Cox
  • LOSSES - John Cross(Penrith), Brendan Hauville(Souths), Brett Rodwell(Souths), Fili Seru(UK), Glen Air(London)
  • COACH - Andrew Farrar

  • GAINS - Luke Phillips(North Qld), Adam Peters(Paris)
  • RE-SIGNED - John Hopoate(2 years)
  • LOSSES - Shannon Nevin(Balmain), Brendan Magnus(Balmain), Craig Halden(Balmain), Brett Warton(Western Suburbs), Craig Innes(rugby union with Auckland Blues), Danny Moore(Wigan), Mark Carroll(London Broncos)
  • RETIRED - David "Cement" Gillespie
  • COACH - Bob Fulton
  • NEW SPONSER - Fai Insurance


  • GAINS - Glenn Lazarus(Brisbane), David Palavi(Canberra), Craig Smith(Canterbury), Ben Roarty(Canterbury), Tawera Nikau(Cronulla), Marcus Bai(Gold Coast), Brett Kimmorley(Hunter), John Carlaw(Hunter), Paul Marquet(Hunter), Scott Hill(Hunter), Richard Swain(Hunter). Robbie Ross(Hunter), Rodney Howe(Perth), Robbie Kearns(Perth), Paul Bell(Perth), Wayne Evans(Perth), Tristan Brady-Smith(Perth), Matt Geyer(Perth), Jason Hudsen(South Qld), Aaron Moule(South Qld), Russell Bawden(London)
  • COACH - Chris Anderson(Canterbury) will coach the newly formed Melbourne team.
  • CAPTAIN - Glenn Lazarus
  • CHIEF EXECUTIVE - Chris Johns, OWNER - John Ribot
  • NEW SPONSER - Honda
  • CLUB COLOURS - Navy, orange


  • GAINS - Peter Shiels(Perth), Neil Piccinelli
  • RE-SIGNED - Andrew Johns(3 years), Matthew Johns(3 years), Adam MacDougall(2 years)
  • LOSSES - James Gannon(Balmain), Scott Conley(Gold Coast), Darren Albert(Hunter), Adam Muir(Norths), Leo Dynevor(Western Suburbs), Scott Coxon(Western Suburbs), Marc Galanville(Leeds)
  • NEW SPONSER - Impulse Airlines
  • COACH - Malcom Reilly

  • GAINS - Noa Nadruku(Canberra), Dale Fritz(Perth), Scott Wilson(Perth), Ross West(Brisbane Rugby Union), Dale Shearer(on incentive contract)
  • RE-SIGNED - Jason Ferris
  • LOSSES - Luke Phillips(Manly), Justin Loomans(Souths)
  • RELEASED - Paul Galea, Dion Cope, Marshall Miller
  • COACH - Tim Sheens (but Bob Sheens, the coach's brother and conditioning coach, is leaving the club)

  • GAINS - Glen Morrison(Balmain), Adam Muir(Newcastle), Joel Wilson(Gordon Rugby Union)
  • RE-SIGNED - David Fairleigh(3 years)
  • LOSSES - Danny Williams(Melbourne), David Hall(Souths), Chris Caruana(Souths), Brenton Pomery(Western Suburbs)
  • COACH - Peter Louis


  • GAINS - Clinton Schifcofske(South Qld), Mark Tookey(South Qld), Troy Pezet(South Qld), David Penna(Souths), Jamie Owens(St George)
  • RE-SIGNED - Ian Herron, Aaron Raper, Brett Horsnell
  • RELEASED - Peter Johnston, Russell Wyer, Steve Collins, Chris King, Daniel Brown
  • LOSSES - Chris Lawler(Gold Coast), Troy Cambell(Gold Coast), David Woods(Penrith)
  • COACH - Brian Smith


  • GAINS - John Cross(Illawarra), David Woods(Parramatta), Mark Geyer(ex-Reds is on a incentive contract), Craig Wise
  • RE-SIGNED - Craig Gower(4 years), Phil Adamson, Carl Macnamara, Robbie Beckett, Phil Adamson, Carl McNamara, Robbie Beckett
  • RELEASED - Dave Alexander, Steve Waddell, Fa'ausu Afoa
  • LOSSES - Danny Farrer(Warrington)
  • RETIRED - Barry Walker
  • COACH - Royce Simmons

  • GAINS - Tim Brasher(Balmain), Geordi Peats(Canterbury), Jeremy Scholoss(Gold Coast), Brendan Hauville(Illawarra), Brett Rodwell(Illawarra), David Hall(Norths), Chris Caruana(Norths), Jusin Loomans(North Qld), Terry Hermansson(Sydney City), Sean Garlick(Sydney City), James Smith(Western Suburbs), Shane Millard(Western Suburbs), Craig Wing(Australian schoolboys rugby union five-eighth)
  • RELEASED - Peter Driscoll, Shane Wilson, Marty Moore, Matt Manning, Darren Maroon, Damien McGarry, Damien O'Donnell, Jeff Orford, Cole Skelly, Peter Stimson, Rod Sultana, Jason Tassell, Paul Sutton, Bart Williams, Adam Wright, Dean Amos, Brett Gillard
  • LOSSES - Ben Duckworth(Balmain), Craig Simon(Illawarra), David Penna (Parramatta), Shane Wilson(Widnes)
  • INJURIES - Scott Murray(out for 6 months)
  • COACH - Steve Martin(ex Norths) will coach the bunnies in '98.

St George

  • GAINS - Anthony Mundine(Brisbane), Robert Simpson(Brisbane Res.), Willie Poching(Hunter), Matthew Rodwell(Perth), Nathan Antonik(South Qld), Daniel Heckenberg(Western Suburbs)
  • LOSSES - Peter Howie(Balmain), Nick Zisti(Cronulla), Gavin Thompson(Cronulla), Jamie Owens(Parramatta), Mark Bell(Wigan), Gavin Clinch(Halifax)
  • COACH - David Waite


  • GAINS - James Pickering(Canterbury), Richard Barnett(Cronulla), Brendan Hurst(Gold Coast), Justin Dooley(Hunter), Ryan Cross(Australian schoolboys rugby union)
  • LOSSES - Peter Clarke(Adelaide), Jacin Sinclair(Balmain), Brandon Pearson(Canberra), Richie Allan(Gold Coast), Terry Hermansson(Souths), Sean Garlick(Souths)
  • RETIRED - Dale Shearer
  • COACH - Phil Gould


  • GAINS - Brett Warton (Manly), Leo Dynevor(Newcastle), Scott Coxon(Newcastle), Brenton Pomery(Norths), Travis Baker(Brisbane Easts)
  • RE-SIGNED - Harvey Howard(3 years)
  • RELEASED - Billy Dunn, Andrew Willis, James Smith, Darren Capovilla, Paul Smith, Chad Harris, Nathan Lakeman, John Frare, Shaun Wallis
  • LOSSES - Shane Millard(Balmain), Adam Doyle(Balmain), Daniel Heckenberg(St George), James Smith(Souths)
  • RETIRED - Des Hasler
  • COACH - Tommy Raudonikis

  • There will be no Hunter Mariner in the 1998 season ! Gold Coast have called off talks regarding a possible merger.
  • GAINS - Darren Albert(Newcastle), Greg Fleming(Perth)
  • LOSSES - Noel Goldthorpe(Adelaide), Tony Iro(Adelaide), Darrien Doherty(Adelaide), Tyran Smith(Auckland), Kevin Iro(Auckland), Anthony Brann(Canberra), Troy Stone(Canterbury), Tim Madison(Cronulla), Robbie Ross(Melbourne), Brett Kimmorley(Melbourne), John Carlaw(Melbourne), Paul Marquet(Melbourne), Scott Hill(Melbourne), Richard Swain(Melbourne), Willie Poching(St George), Justin Dooley(Sydney City), Craig Kimmorley(Hull), Robbie McCormack(Wigan), Brad Godden(Leeds)
  • COACH - Graham Murray
  • There will be no South Qld Crushers in the 1998 season !
  • LOSSES - David Myles(Gold Coast), Phil Mooney(Gold Coast), Scott Thorburn(Gold Coast), Clinton O'Brien(Gold Coast), Craig Wilson(Illawarra), Aaron Moule(Melbourne), Jason Hudsen(Melbourne), John Carlaw(North Qld), Clinton Schifcofske(Parramatta), Mark Tookey(Parramatta), Troy Pezet(Parramatta), Nathan Antonik(St George), Steele Retchless(London), Matt Toshack(London)


  • There will be no Perth Reds in the 1998 season !
  • LOSSES - Matt Daylight(Adelaide), Greg Fleming(Canterbury), Tim Horan(Illawarra), Rodney Howe(Melbourne), Robbie Kearns(Melbourne), Paul Bell(Melbourne), Wayne Evans(Melbourne), Peter Shiels(Newcastle), Scott Wilson(North Qld), Dale Fritz(North Qld), Mark Geyer(Penrith), Matthew Rodwell(St George), Chris Ryan(London), Darren Higgins(London),

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